Adhesives & Clings

Eye-Catching Adhesive Posters

Large adhesive posters, also known as decals, make great wall decorations and advertisements.

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Sticker printing in Los Angeles is a common form of advertisement. You can stick them in your rooms, office, on a bus, and even on floors and ceilings. Whether you want to print your mockups for a business meeting, create signs, art for your room, or large posters prints of your photography, we offer a high-quality and attention-grabbing posters that are easy to stick, remove, and reuse. Banks Printing can offer you the best, in Los Angeles, sticker printing experience.


Tips For Better Adhesion

• Flatten your poster before sticking it to a surface for better results.
• Clean the wall first, so no dirt or debris messes up the adhesion of your poster.
• Hang your posters on a non-porous surface for lasting results.

Cling Your Poster To Any Glass Surface

Now have a premium quality poster with clings for windows and mirrors. Clings are flexible yet durable vinyl material that can be used to hang posters on a glass surface. They can attach to the surface by static.

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The non-adhesive clings can be the best option when customers are not so sure about the adhesive poster. You can use clings for posters being displayed at the storefront, refrigerator door in a gas station, and mirror of the event venue for advertising your brand. Since they are temporary and can be easily removed, they are perfect options for advertisement at any event, store, or building windows.


25, 50,75,100,200

3mil Stickers or 8mil Clings

Full Color – One Side

16 x 20: $11.00
18 x 24: $11.75
24 x 36: $21.00
36 x 48: $31.50
48 x 72: $46.75

Why Choose Us?

⦿ Easy, fast, convenient printing services straight from our printing facilities to your door.

⦿ We are a team of professionals working in the field for almost 25 years. Whether you want to print political signage, paper posters, foam-core posters, or workplace signage, we are your best bet. If you are looking for a commercial and wholesale printing service, look no further.

⦿ Our printing facilities are ready to deliver light-weight, dense and rigid foam-core posters of premium quality to make it long-lasting.

⦿ Promote your business, campaign, or event with our sleek yard signs. Place them on the right streets to grab proper attention.

⦿ No advertisement is complete without a paper poster. We offer a large and excellent poster to promote your brand anywhere.

⦿ Our decals and clings are flexible, and easy to stick, remove, and reuse.

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