All About Foam Core Boards

All About Foam Core Board

A foam core board is a lightweight polystyrene foam clad product that is primarily used for making scale models, a backing for picture framing, or a mounting surface for photographic prints. Typically, the board is white but it can also come in a variety of colors. Usually the foam core board is relatively inexpensive and therefore it is a great product for kids who love to create and craft.

The foam core board is easily cut using a cookie cutter, a simple blade, scissors, or even sometimes dental floss. When cutting a flexible or thin foam board, grab a pair of heavy-duty scissors and make long smooth cuts. A long smooth cut will prevent the edges from getting choppy. In fact, it may be a good idea to lightly draw your design beforehand on the foam board.

If you are making a straight cut, choose something like an X-Acto knife that has a comfortable handle to grip. You could also use an old kitchen knife, utility knife, box cutter, or bread knife. Rub the blade against a white candle before you slice as the wax will allow the blade to slide smoother. 

The foam core board is also a versatile, attractive, and inexpensive way for displaying photographs, banners, or images. The mounting process is easy and quick. Simply use a permanent adhesive on the back of the print and press it onto the foam board. Ensure that the print is properly fixed and absent of any wrinkles, bubbles, or other imperfections. Once a print has been mounted, the foam board can be trimmed so that all edges are even and straight.

There are virtually thousands of things that you can do with foam board. For example, purchasing a quality frame for a piece of art can be expensive. In fact, sometimes the frame is worth more than the piece of art itself. Turning a colorfully designed piece of foam board into a frame is a great idea that will look good and save you a lot of money.

How about placing some fabric over the foam board to make interesting wall decor? You could make a great memo board simply by covering a rectangular piece of foam board with burlap. Foam display boxes, 3D letters, picture frames. jewelry chests, tie holders, signs, curtain valances, lightboxes, key holders, holiday decor, and the list goes on and on as long as your imagination takes it.  Parents can spend hours with their children creating a wonderful assortment of practical items, gifts, and decor for the home. In addition, the product is very inexpensive and unbelievably easy to use.


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