Foam Core Posters

Beautiful and Elegant Signs With Foam-Core

In Los Angeles, foam-core posters can be found on every nook and corner of the city. Our foam-core posters are full of colors on a dense and rigid foam material.

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The thick material resists bending and creasing, making the poster long-lasting. Our foam-core posters can add a beautiful touch to your storefronts, tables, or booths. A 5mm-thick foam poster with a smooth matte finished surface to compliment the aesthetics of your place while sending a loud and clear message.


Why Foam Core Posters?

Whenever you are trying to make an impact on the people, go for foam-core posters. They are big, beautiful, and durable. Your creative designs, texts, and images can turn into a full-size poster that will definitely grab everyone’s attention.

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You can use foam-core posters for:
• Easel signs
• Presentations
• Event poster
• Legal court presentations
• Table display board
• Trade show display
Reach out to us to deliver any foam-core poster in Los Angeles. We offer 24x7x365 service to improve your brand awareness and help your business grow.


Showcase Your Designs

Whether you use command strips, tabletop easels, or floor standing easels at any event, your design will be catchy enough with all the splashing colors.

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Having an experience of almost 25 years, the quality of our foam-core posters can guarantee customer satisfaction. We can turn your designs into big, vibrant, and attention-grabbing final products so your brand can stand out anywhere.


25, 50, 75, 100

3/16” Foamcore

Full Color – One Side or two

16 x 20: $17.00
18 x 24: $21.50
24 x 36: $34.75
36 x 48: $42.00
48 x 72: $62.00

Why Choose Us?

⦿ Easy, fast, convenient printing services straight from our printing facilities to your door.

⦿ We are a team of professionals working in the field for almost 25 years. Whether you want to print political signage, paper posters, foam-core posters, or workplace signage, we are your best bet. If you are looking for a commercial and wholesale printing service, look no further.

⦿ Our printing facilities are ready to deliver light-weight, dense and rigid foam-core posters of premium quality to make it long-lasting.

⦿ Promote your business, campaign, or event with our sleek yard signs. Place them on the right streets to grab proper attention.

⦿ No advertisement is complete without a paper poster. We offer a large and excellent poster to promote your brand anywhere.

⦿ Our decals and clings are flexible, and easy to stick, remove, and reuse.

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