Everything You Need To Know About Print Posters

Special events, birthdays, special gifts, and preserving special moments, all of these are ways in which posers, visual media, and pictures are known to enter the lives of humans. Starting a small business, trying to find a perfect gift, or promoting a small event; all of these are perfect occasions for a personalized print posters. People connect with merchandise and personalization. Interestingly these are all times where printed posters done in small batches with custom images are great. With options ranging from small to as big as movie posters, there really isn’t anything one can imagine and not be able to put on a poster. Modern printing methods mean one can choose their favorite picture and have a set of 10 posters printed for their family and have it delivered within days.

∙The Standard Poster Sizes

Print posters usually come in three different sizes, all of which are roughly in six inch increments. First movie posters are 2 feet by 3 feet, then medium size is 2 feet by 1.5 feet, finally 11×17’s break the pattern, but are close to 1 foot by 1.5 feet. This is important to note, because any print poster is able to be reduced down well for the smallest size, and one should always design with the biggest size in mind. If you are looking for your favorite photo to be turned into a poster, make sure it has enough pixels to look good blown up to the size you want and then contact us to move forward with the process.

∙How To Choose Your Print Poster Size

If you are going to make your own poster for an event or your own personal use, the first thing that you need to know before you select or edit your image, is what size the poster is going to be. There are three general sizes, 2×3 feet, 2×1.5 feet, and 1×1.5 feet, usually being used for movies, standard use, and events respectively. Picking which size you want can be as easy as thinking of the area you want to place the poster in, or the impact that you want it to make if you want someone else to see your poster. Make your selection carefully before placing your custom poster order.

∙Protecting Your Outdoor Print Posters

Starting a small business and choosing how much to invest in the signage is hard. Especially in a business that requires moving around a lot, attending trade shows, or doing anything where the sign might be exposed to less than ideal conditions. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to invest in the best possible products. Poster printing is cheap and a great option to get a nice looking sign, but it is important to buy and outdoor signage option for print posters when getting this done for a business as it will ensure the poster is weather protected and ready to work hard year after year.

∙Print Posters for Events

If you really want to make something special and make it stand out, you want to make it big, thick, and ready to weather the test of time. This is the biggest reason to choose an event poster over any others if one is going to display a poster and wants to keep it pristine for years to come. Choosing to work with a custom printer to have your favorite pictures turned into posters allows you to feature your posters in your home or business for as long you want, opening up a whole new world in which you and your friends are the main attraction.

∙The Various Poster Dimensions

When buying into print posters, it is important to know what size is needed and how it is going to be displayed. This is because posters are sold based upon a somewhat standard set of sizes, making it possible for standardization across the whole of the industry. This starts with movie posters at 24 by 36 inches, followed by 27 by 39 inches for over-sized posters, 18 by 24 inches for mediums, and 11 by 17 inches for basic event flyer type posters, reproductions, and print posters that are destined for smaller display boards. If the size that you are looking for is not represented above, contacting a company to talk about custom sizing is always an option.

∙How Big is a Movie Poster?

The typical size of a movie poster is 2 feet by 3 feet or 24 inches by 36 inches. In metric that is 61 centimeters by 91.5 centimeters.  This is one of the largest types of poster sizes outside of the custom sizes and is made to fit in all movie size display racks and windows. This is the size of poster than many people choose for their promotions due to the ability to fill the entire window in which they are displayed. 

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∙Getting Cheap Poster Printing

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